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During your vacation in San Vigilio you have the opportunity to experience hiking tours at every level of difficulty. Moreover you can discover the area around San Vigilio with the mountainbike. The Plan the Corones offers numerous opportunities to be sportive and active in nature.
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Hiking around the Dolomites

All around the inhabited localities there are miles of flat woodland walks and pleasant paths, suitable for families with children and prams, all well marked and signposted. We invite you to take a walk and relax in the middle of the incontamined nature, to feel the light fresh mountain air permeating your body, and to allow the joyful colours of the blooming meadows to enliven and brighten up your senses.
Princess Dolasilla and her sister Luianta, the protagonists of the famous Dolomitic legends, will accompany you on the theme trail dedicated to the Realm of Fanes and introduce you to the fascinating world of magic of the Ladin story-telling tradition. And all around you, the mighty peaks surrounding San Vigilio. More ambitious hikers might venture into the Nature Park Fanes-Sennes-Braies and explore the quiet woods and meadows and the slow-flowing crystal-clear stream of Val de Mareo, the valley leading from San Vigilio di Marebbe to the mountain refuge Pederü. Nobody should miss the unique Roda dles Viles, a walking tour that leads through the traditional farm settlements of Pieve di Marebbe, where life still moves along by the rhythms of a bygone era, and where the ancient architecture of the Dolomitic valley appears in concrete and tangible forms. Hikers and climbers of higher level of ability may venture on the more strenuous alpine paths and on climbing tours at higher altitude.
The alpine pastures of Fanes, Sennes and Fodara Vedla are a paradise of total freedom and the home of lots of wild animals: marmots, squirrels, chamois and maybe also some golden eagle. And those who chose to climb an easily accessible mountain peak will discover breathtaking views and unforgettable natural sceneries.

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Around San Vigilio with the mountainbike

Over the last few years, San Vigilio and its surroundings have been scouted for ideal bike trails in collaboration with Uli Stanciu, one of the best qualified European experts in such matters.
By now more than 600km of trail for bikers of all levels of ability have been outlined and mapped with GPS technology. The Dolomites are among the most beautiful sceneries to be discovered by MTB and San Vigilio is one of the best known stage ends of the “Transalp Challenge”, the most famous and demanding MTB stage race of the Alps. Bikers and bike freaks are supported by road books, GPS trails and trail descriptions with lots of detailed information.
Most trails are located in the immediate surroundings of San Vigilio or in the Nature Park Fanes-Sennes-Braies, where most mountain refuges are specialized in accommodating bikers for the night. There is also a trail up to Plan de Corones, the finish of a Giro d’Italia stage in 2006, which offers a breathtaking 360° view upon the Dolomites and the Alps.

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Climbing - Sport & Fun

The Dolomites with their famous rock faces are among the most suggestive and attractive areas for climbers. The immediate surroundings of San Vigilio, though, don’t feature any classical climbing routes but offer lots of climbing possibilities as alternative to the famous and crowded Dolomitic climbing routes.
Shortly before Rifugio Pederü, in the Nature Park Fanes Senes Braies, just some hundred metres from the main road, two climbing areas have been tooled up with ground anchors. They offer different practice routes with one or two lenghts of rope and degrees of difficulty that vary from III° to VI+. The second possibility to put ones climbing abilites to the proof is to be found in Pederü, between the first and the third bend of the street heading for Fodara Vedla. Here, nearly all routes are no longer than one pitch and feature grades of difficulty that range from III° to VII°. For enthusiasts of the classical climbing routes, San Vigilio offers some very unique bonbons, convenient only for expert climbers who love extreme challenges and don’t discourage from trying to climb by the view of steepest rock faces. The huge flagstones of Cima Nove (about 3000 metres) are described as the most peculiar climbing routes of the Dolomites. We are talking about routes some hundred metres long, on smooth flagstones, to be climbed as closely as possible to the rock face. The difficulty varies from the IV° to the VII° degree. The most famous routes are the Direttissima Messner and the Heidi.
The most expert climbers may also venture on the routes of Col Bechei starting on the side of Fanes Grande. There is a series of alpine routes with high degree of difficulty (VI°-IX°) which are suitable only for qualified and trained climbers. We advice climbers to consult the alpine guides of San Vigilio and to get professional assistance because climbing is fun only if done in complete security.

Holidays with Kids, Family, S. Vigilio di Marebbe

Holiday for kids in San Vigilio

San Vigilio di Marebbe is the homeland of children. The whole touristic offer is tailored to the needs of our little guests. A wide playground with all possible comfort and lots of open space, where children may run around freely and play in complete security. And then lots of small and tranquil streets to walk with prams, far away from the traffic in transit, which doesn’t occur in San Vigilio anyway. Even the program of events takes children into high consideration: www.sanvigilio.com

CASA BIMBO, the child care centre with professional staff, offers child-care service for children from birth to 11 years old in a specifically organized and familiar ambience with flexible timetables to be chosen by the parents and with personalized pedagogical programs. Rooms, furniture, safety precautions, diet and hygiene are controlled with regularity by experts sent by the child-care federation to guarantee quality standards all along.

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Mountain refuges in the Dolomites

The mountain refuges are most attractive hiking destinations for lots of guests as well as local people who look for recreation in peaceful, tranquil and comfortable atmosphere. The refuges of San Vigilio are situated in strategical places in the middle of the Nature Park Fanes-Sennes-Braies and in other such beautiful locations that it would be a real shame to miss some of them. Most refuges can be reached easily on foot, by ropeway or by car. All of them offer sleeping accommodation, bar and restaurant. We advice hikers to inform themselves about opening times and vacancies of the refuges, before setting out on a tour. The refuges are the ideal destination for all those who love short and pleasant walks, and offer logistical support for hiking tours and MTB tours stretching over several days.

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Mushroom hunting in San Vigilio

The woods around San Vigilio di Marebbe are very famous for their abundance of mushrooms. Many guests visit San Vigilio in the time when mushrooms grow, because they know, that they won’t just enjoy some wonderful and unforgettable holidays in the Dolomites, but that their vacancies will be sweetened by some profitable mushroom hunts. Porcini, chanterelle mushrooms, button mushrooms and green agaricus are the most widespread species, but there are many more and experts are free to chose from the large variety.

Zip-Line Adrenaline Adventures, S. Vigilio di Marebbe

Zip-Line Adrenaline Adventures

What is it? An explosion of adrenaline! Yes, the name Adrenaline could not be more appropriate. Zip-line is the name of this extreme adventure which frames the excitement of a thrilling flight within a breathtaking backdrop, immersed in the green heart of the Dolomites, fastened to a cable 100 metres high, sliding speedily towards the valley, with the wind in your hair and your heartbeat going off the scale!! The most panoramic journey in Europe, nestled within the Dolomites in one of the most sought-after locations in the world for landscapes and nature parks. San Vigilio di Marebbe, an oasis of unspoilt nature: immersed within it, you will experience a unique and unforgettable sense of excitement, as you face up to a drop of a good 400 metres over 3 kilometres, the steepest in the world!


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Other Aktivities in the Dolomites

Sport place Ciamaor: At the Sport Place "Ciamaor", 2 km from S.Vigilio, you have the follow possibilities: 1 football place, 1 basket place, 1 volley place, 4 tennis places and 1 inline skating parc.

Fitness-Parcours Ciamaor: The start is at the village exit nearly 100 meters after the Hotel Chalet Corso.

Climbing school: 2 km before Pederü you have the first climb-gymnasium. From Pederü to Fodara Vedla and Sennes you arrive to the other climb-gymnasium.

Bowling: at the village exit to the Rifugio Pederü.

Fishing: In the river between Lè dal Creda and Longega.

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