Sights in Bruneck and surroundings

Bruneck is a lively little town with a historical core embedded in a wonderful natural rural landscape. It is the pearl of the Pustertal and extremely diverse. For our guests young and old there is a vast cultural and a varied range of sport activities. The warm hospitality melts with the unspoiled mountain arena of the Dolomites and the Zillertal Alps as well with the charming city culture and rural ways of life.

Brunico Castle

Castle of Bruneck

On a little hill reachable by an easy path above the city lies the bishops castle, the real landmark of Bruneck. From there you have a wonderful view above the roofs of the city. The south portal is the main entrance to the castle passing over a former suspension bridge - From the inner yard of the castle a windíng staircase in a half open tower brings you to the upper rooms and expositions. In the right tract there is the prince room and on the left the residence of the administrator.

The bishop Bruno von Kirchberg of Brixen build the castle to protect its properties in this valley and thus putting the cornerstone for our later city of Bruneck. The strong defensive wall, with towers and embrasures is still in perfect state.

Actually the castle is one of five Reinhold Messners Mountain Museums.


South Tyrol Museum of Folk Traditions in Dietenheim, Val Pusteria

Museum of Folk Traditions

According to the German ADAC Holiday Atlas, the Museum of Folk Traditions is one of the most beautiful open-air museums in Europe. It is spread over 4 hectares of land and includes also the stately residence Mair am Hof, which is the hearth of the Museum. It was founded in 1976.

The Mair am Hof Residence hosts various museum collections: votive tablets, popular art objects, cithers, belts, traditional costumes, pipes, etc.

On the open-air site there are several old farms and workshops. These buildings show a variety of forms and structures, which indicate the role and social status of rural population. Various kinds of vegetables, herbs and flowers grow in the farm gardens. Farm and yard animals graze on the meadows.


Parish church of Brunico, South Tyrol


The landmark of the Pfarrkiche, our main church, are his two pointed towers over the west entrance.

Inside there is a very extremly precious wooden cross from Michael Pacher’s medieval school. Otherwise a Swiss Mathis organ of 1983 which is one of the most impressive of South Tyrol is installed here. In the gable niche you find a 4 meter high marmor statue of Maria Immaculata work of the carver Franz Pendl from Meran.

The city museum of Brunico, Val Pusteria

The city museum

The city museum was established 1995 in the former post office stables where horses where fed and stagecoaches made ready for the travelers. On the ground floor beside the entrance hall and you find the permanent exhibition of the late gothic works of Michael Pacher. On the first floor changing exhibitions alternate each other.


Lamprechtsburg near Brunico

The castle of Lamprechtsburg

The castle of Lamprechtsburg sits on a rock on the eastern side of Brunecks boundary. Three steep walls falling down to Rienz gorge secure it from intruders. 1220 Albert Duke of Tirol erected the castle which remained under Brixen fief from 1129 to 1813. An extensive fortified wall and an outer ward on the south side protected the site. The palais and the castel keep where rebuild many times. Today it is a private property and can only be visited from the outside.

War Cemetery in Bruneck, South Tyrol

The forest cemetery

The forest cemetery or heroes’ cemetery is one of the most scenic and beautiful of his kind. Fallen soldiers from the 1. and 2. World war found here their last resting place.


Rainkirche Brunico, South Tyrol

The Rain church

The Rain church is directly located under the castle hill and has been adapted together with the fortress to baroque architecture. His tower in bulb scape and different coat of arms make it very remarkable.

Ursuline Church, Brunico

Ursuline church

Originally from the 15th century the church was built in gothic style. As in the Ursulinen gate we find frescoes of Johannes von Bruneck (1420).

Church of the Holy Spirit, Brunico, Val Pusteria

Church of the Holy Spirit

This church was built in the beginning of the 14th century and later influenced by the baroque architecture. A baroque representation of jesus baptism (by Franz Unterberger 1707-1776) is projected on the main wall.

Capuchin Church, Sights, Brunico

Capuchin monastery

As austere and humble as its orden are the capuchin monastery (1626) and church.

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