Bruneck main street with its 4 historical gates

The Stadtgasse as Brunecks most important commercial lane has very medieval character. Flanked as it is by very scenic houses that are decorated with antique frescos and very different roof gables.

4 gates lead you into the city:

  • The Ragen gate takes you directly to the upper town (Oberstadt) where the cemetery lies. It is here where they passed with the deceased from Ausserragen district.
  • The Ursulinengate: 1758 to pass with a new fountain for the city the gate was enlarged. Fortunately the frescos on the entrance from artist Johannes von Bruneck remained untouched.
  • The Rienzgate: Also named as ”gate in front of the hospital” was the starting point of the Pustertaler main road which passed over the Fleischbruggen bridge continuing through the contemporary Bruder Willram street
  • The Florianigate: Named as „Lucke“ has a painting of our South tyrolean artist Rudolf Stolz (1874-1960) which depicts the Saint Florian, Bruneck’s coat of arms and Bruneck’s founder bishop Bruno.
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