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The Chalet Corso is an ideal site for a perfectly relaxing holiday: our house, appreciated by both family groups and by those who like winter and summer sports, is right on the edge of the woods, away from traffic but still near the village. Behind the house, in a quiet and protected position where the air is full of the scent of pine trees, we have placed our Tyrolean steam bath and the whirlpool, for relaxtion in natural surroundings both in winter and summer.

The Tyrolean Steam Bath: an old mountain tradition. Once upon a time the "Scofa" was used for the preparation of hemp and linen. The steam, serving to soften the fibres, was also used by the country people as a curative bath. We have sited a timber building behind the house, for steam baths. A special stove produces beneficial steam scented with pine- and fir-cones, alpine herbs and medicinal plants. All these aromas are absorbed by the body, providing natural regeneration.

  • Brechel bath
  • Finnish sauna
  • Whirlpool
  • relax room with bar
  • room for massages
  • meadow with pond
  • Physiotherm Healthcabine