One of the oldest and most traditional gastronomic businesses in the medieval town of Brunico.


in history and culture: this is where Austrian tradition and Italian flair, history and modernity, impressive architecture and divine nature merge into one another.

The foundation walls are dating back to the 15th century while the front side of today’s Corso am Graben is nothing less than a part of the historic town walls. Therefore, the walls are under strict monumental protection.

Widely known already in the 17th century


The history of both the town itself and the hotel are reflected already by the name of the gastronomic entity: “Corso“ is the Italian term for “main street“,  whereas “Graben“ is the German expression for the former water ditch on which the Corso am Graben was built and which is the name of today’s main shopping promenade.


Over the years, the building has been changed and restructured many times. Today it presents itself in the classy Biedermeier style.

Family-owned since three generations of the Kostner family.


Franz „Cesco“ Kostner, originally from Corvara, bought the building 1956 together with his wife Maria Juliana “Pia”. Not only was he a widely-known professional ski racer and climber but he was also a pioneer in the field of tourism. Together with like-minded people of his generation, he created the basis for the tourism as we know it today: he was actively engaged in the street development of Alta Badia and in 1930, he built the first winter lift for leisure activities.

Royal feeling with furniture made of classy cherrywood, polished brass and fine fabrics.

from 145€ | 25-30m2

Royal feeling with furniture made of classy cherrywood, polished brass and fine fabrics.

from 135€ | 20-25m2

Enjoy more space with two different areas for living and sleeping.

from 135€ | 25-30m2

Basic double room: Feeling at ease thanks to the wooden furniture and warm colors.

from 125€ | 20-30m2

Feeling at ease thanks to the wooden furniture.

from 79€ | 17-25m2



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